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Small IO adapter USB to USB OTG
Shielding as you would expect
High level signal integrity
Custom versions possible

V B One HS

Internal Flex assembly
100 Ohm impedance
Custom lengths on request

VGA to HDMI Dongle

IO adapter with integrated electronics
Works on bus power only
Smooth ABS look
Custom versions possible

VPX cables

Rugged & flexible backplane cabling
Supports VITA 46, Open VPX practice
Multigig RT & Multigig RT-2R compatible
Ultra-thin to FAT pipes and beyond
Full set of hardware available

ZIFLOC jumpers

Overmoulded Flex foil Jumpers
Self aligning, easy insertion, high withdrawal force.
0,50 mm pitch 18,30,40 pos
1.00 mm pitch 12,15,18,20,24,26,30 pos
1.25 mm pitch 12 pos

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