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PCIe 85 Ohm RA SMD

PCIe 85 Ohm applications
Right angle version for parallel card application
5.84 and 11.2 card slot height
Insert moulded for high performance applications
Rugged SMD version

QSFP+ cables

Ultra low cross talk QSFP+ assemblies
Compliant with IEEE and SFF 8436 specs
Supports IBT FDR, QDR and IEEE 802.3ba
Multiple conductor sizes to max performance
Supports Belly To Belly applications

REDstrip Elastomer

Low resistance compression style
Goldwire as contact element
Pitches as small as 0,02 mm
Any form, size and shape
Board to board, module to board, flex to board etc.

SCSI Assemblies

UL 20276 cable
130 Ohm impedance
High reliability 68 pos IO connectors
Standard lengths: 3,5,10,20 or 40 meter
Other configurations on request

SFP+ cables

Ultra low cross talk SFP+ assemblies
Compliant with SFF 8431 & SFF 8432
Supports 10Gbps Ethernet, 8G Fibre Channel, 10G FC
Supports Belly To Belly applications
Multiple conductor sizes to max performance

Smartcard connectors

With active electronics
Closed and fully protected version
Also NFC if required
Available also as module

SMD Differential pair launcher

2 Piece non-disconnectable solution
SMD pick & place PCB module
Cable with housing inserted and soldered
Low cost easy installation
Factory prepared Tempflex twinax cable

Speed Match

Mates with ERNI MicroSpeed
50 position on 1 mm pitch backplane cabling
10 Gbit/s Data transfer speed
Strain relief overmoulded
Thin flexible cable for easy routing

sub D Power

3W3C sub D power IO
Loose piece, sets or cable assemblies
Backshells in plastic or metal
For current up to 40A
Solder contact, crimp on request

TSOP Sockets

Socket footprint identical to semi conductor
For testing, prototyping, programming
SMD with zif insertion force
0,5 - 0,8 and 1,27 pitch
40, 44, 48 and 56 pos

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