steeREDIoT & Industry 4.0 / SPE
(Published 2020-01- by Theo Hooft)

With IoT and Industry 4.0 emerging the need for a stable infrastructure capable of linking all devices carrying the required data without too much loss is crucial. Check the proposals of SPE on Available in German and English.

steeREDGreat new initiative: XETAK
(Published 2020-01- by Theo Hooft)

Under the name XETAK Christian Koppe did start a business platform for dedicated to electromechanical components as interconnects, connectors, wire & cable, relays and harnessing products. The platform accommodates requests for new product development as well as supply. Extensive filter menus mirror the Aerospace, Defense & Marine market requirements and are helping to formulate your request in the best possible way. The platform now has been updated. Give it a try via the logo on our links tab

steeREDS2c Elec documentation
(Published 2020-01- by Theo Hooft)

We added 3 new leaflet from our sister company S2C Elec in France. These leaflets are covering Fiber Optics, Coax-solutions and Modular Breakout and Interface Solutions, 3 areas S2C Elec is excelling in.

2020 Happy New Year
(Published 2020-01- by Theo Hooft)

Lets make it an exciting New Year!

steeREDUSB, Rugged and high speed
(Published 2018-07- by Theo Hooft)

Developments do go fast and not always there is a clear borderline between technologies and applications. You are developing a rugged piece of equipment and what to add an access point for a tablet, or a memory device? Take a look on our download page for USB type C to Rugged. And what we can do with USB type C we can also do with 3.1, SATA drives, cameras for vision systems, sensors .

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